"...the principle of collage is the central principle of all art in the 20th century." -- Donald Barthelme (1931-1989)

''l'art pour l'art.'' -- Henri-Benjamin Constant de Rebecque (1767–1830) also attributed to Théophile Gautier (1811–1872)
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A List of Sites which focus on the works of Artists whose Explorations involve
Combining Photographic and Representational Elements with or without the use of Computers.
Hopefully the descriptions will prove useful. -- Jonathan Talbot, editor, collageart.org

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Aberrant Art: Artist Barry Kite walks the fine line between the profound and the absurd as he re-examines art history. When you get to the site click on "Aberrant Art Store" and then click on "New Prints" in the upper left-hand corner of the page.Posted 7.6.2010

agraphie: Sometimes the obvious is not so obvious... Posted 8.16.2007

ateate: Photomontages (and movies, flash presentations, etc) by the ateate arts group in Lithuania. Note: If you have a slow speed internet connection look for the "too fast?" link at the top of the first page. Posted 8.16.2007

Romare Bearden: Bearden is a master of both photomontage and collage. Here are links to some sites showing his work: The Bearden Foundation /// Bearden at Humanities Web /// Bearden at the Hirshhorn Museum /// Bearden's Black and White Photomontages. Posted 4.21.2003 Revised 12.08.2003 & 2.08.2004

Kimberly Birdsong: The photomontages on the website of Kimberly Birdsong offer an intriguing hint of the spiritual depths of the artist. Posted 2.6.2008

Laurent Blachier: French artist Laurent Blachier expertly explores the possibilities of photomontage as illustration. The focus is on people. Also see www.couper-coller.com. Posted 5.23.2006

Anja Bloch-Hamre: Danish artist Anja Bloch-Hamre combines digital art and painting to create exceptional and unique collages which are personalized for her clients. Posted 8.13.2006

Gérard Bertrand: The digital photomontages of Gérard Bertrand are premised on a possible meeting of Kafka and Proust. Text in French and English. Posted 8.15.06

Ralph Michael Brekan: Provocative and inspiring works in a variety of new media. Posted 10.10.02 Revised 7.6.2010

Carnival of Chaos: Political Collages and Photomontages which combine a healthy dose of social commentary with bittersweet humour. Posted 11.29.04

Reginald Case: Reginald Case calls his photomontages "photo collages." In them he explores subjects ranging from American Folk Art to the Holocaust. Case also makes assemblages, drawings and paintings. His works can be seen in museums world-wide. USA Posted 09.15.08

Christian Collins: It is hard to imagine the amount of work that goes into creating the amazingly detailed photomontages of Christian Collins. Because of the symmetry in the works, finding the elements is also a challenge. See additional works here and here. Posted December 2010

Cut and Paste: This site offers a narrow but interesting history of photomontage. More is promised. Posted 8.20.02

Thomas Devaux: See the mysterious black & white photomontage-collages of French artist Thomas Devaux . Posted 10.21.2005

Digital Photomontage Commission Artists: If you have found your way to this page because you are searching for someone to make a digital photomontage from photos you have taken then click on this link. Posted 7.4.04

Love Drew: This site's primary medium is music but there is also a gallery of photomontage collages. Posted 12.26.02

Lola DuPré: At first glance Lola Dupré's photomontages appear to be digital but they are made "by hand with paper and scissors."Posted 2.6.2011

Charles Farrell: Charles Farrell's most recent photomontages are urban dreamscapes. He also makes collages which can be found here. USA Posted 8.16.2007 Revised: March 2008.

Nancy Gershman: The photomontages of third generation artist Nancy Gershman transcend their stated intention. Posted 03.09.2009

Stephen Golding: Stephen Golding's works blur the lines between collage, painting and photography. His website features both his earlier black and white works and his more recent color works as well. Posted: January 2012

Melissa Grimes: Melissa Grimes draws on classical and traditional sources to create photomontage illustrations which have been featured in Rolling Stone, Texas Monthly, John' Hopkins magazine and numerous other publications. Posted 10.06.2010

Joan Hall: See the thoughtful and perceptive works of artist and illustrator Joan Hall who has exhibited widely.. Suggested by Alyta Adams Posted October Feb 2008 revised 10.09.2010.

Hannah Hoch: See the photomontage collages of this influential 20th Century artist. See more here. Posted 4.21.03 RevisedJanuary 2012

Peter Jacobs: Many of the collages of prolific American artist Peter Jacobs fall into the photomontage category. Also see four years (over 1500 collages) of Peter's Collage Journal here.. Posted June 2009

Philippe Jusforgues: The photomontages of Phillippe Jusforges are not pretty. Posted March 2009

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Via Keller: Via Keller is a talented and prolific California photomontage and collage artist. USA Suggested by Philip Beesley and posted 10.24.01 Revised 2008

Peter Kennard: Explore the political photomontages of Peter Kennard whose primary subjects are armaments and poverty. Posted 6.22.02

a Mister Koppa: Among Mister Koppa's works are a variety of carefully executed photomontage-style collages. Posted 8.19.2006 - Revised 2013.

Iuri Kothe: Iuri Kothe is a Brazilian collage artist who focuses on photomontage. Posted 7.22.04

Eva Lake: Among Eva Lake's photomontages is a remarkable series about women and targets. Posted 03.09.2009

Erwan Le Vourch: Erwan Le Vourch presents traditional and digital collages and photomontages on this website. Posted 07.20.08

G. Paul Lucas: G. Paul Lucas makes photomontages (scroll to the bottom of the gallery page to find them) and also works of fused glass with a distinctly collage feeling. Posted 11.24.07 Updated 8.18.08

Camille Martin: Prolific Canadian artist-poet Camille Martin's photomontages and collages offer more questions than answers. Canada Posted 12.17.2008

Darla McKenna: Elegant photomontages in the classical tradition. Be sure to see all three "galleries." USA Posted 7.6.2010

Allan Mietla: Allan Mietla's photomontages are inspired by the classic surrealist tradition. Many deconstruct and reconstruct the female form.Posted 10.09.2010

Lee Muslin: The digital works of Lee Muslin focus on nature, both real and imagined, and our relationship to it..USA Posted 6.20.09

Nicole Natri: Swedish collage artist Nicole Natri makes elegant photomontage works which examine humans and the human condition. Posted 8.13.2007 Revised May 2008

Gary Ortman: Gary Ortman is a prolific artist from Illinois who describes his photomontage style collages as ranging from"classy to flaky." His site was updated with an entirely new set of collages in March of 2009. USA Posted 04.09.08 Updated March 09

ball Nick Paliughi: Humor often energizes the photomontages of Nick Paliughi. Posted July 2012

Photomontage.com: An involved (and involving) collage/photomontage-based site where the site itself is as much the art form as the work on it. Posted 6.11.99

Photomorphose.com: See (and read) the works of surrealist artist J. Karl Bogartte. Posted 7.4.04

Javier Piñón: Javier Piñón works in series. His photomontages use the "cowboy experience" as a fulcrum for viewing the bigger picture.Posted 10.09.2010

Joan Proudman: Photomontages which are sometimes surreal, sometimes romantic, and sometimes both. Posted 7.6.2010

Laurie Raskin: Laurie Raskin's photomontages view contemporary life from a Southern California perspective.Posted 7.6.2010 Revised 9.1.2010

Klawa Rolf: Photomontages which provide perceptive visions, both real and imagined, of the world we live in..Germany Posted 10.09.2010

Axel Saffran : The digital photomontages of Axel Saffran explore "analogies that can be recognised between seemingly separate aspects of reality." A nice feature of this website is that it offers details of the works. The Netherlands. Posted 8.16.03

Jen Sloan: Issues of scale and juxtaposition inform New York artist Jen Sloan's predominantly monochromatic photo collages. Posted 9.26.04

Nikki Soppelsa: While many of Niki Soppelsa's works fall into the collage category, she deserves to be listed on this page as well.. Posted January 2012

Nikolas Tantsoukes: Nikolas Tantsoukes expertly hand-cut paper photomontages are often humorous, and sometimes profound. Text in German - Posted 2.05.2007

Gloria Vilches: Gloria Vilches' collages and photomontages form a visual diary/autobiography which is sometimes funny, sometimes painful, and always thought provoking. Text in Spanish - Spain. Posted March 2008.

David Wallace: Inspired by the great collagists of the 20th Century, David Wallace explores new realms with his elegant images. Posted 8.16.03

J. Philip White: J. Philip White's collages are courageous, provocative, profound, and expertly made. Posted 12.7.2003 Updated 8.18.08

Charles Wright: The juxtaposition of found images form the basis of Charles Wright's photomontages. Posted 11.17.2011

Lisa Yount: Lisa Yount's digital (and, on occasion, traditional) photomontages explore nature, fantasy, and the ambiguities of three-dimensional space. Posted 10.17.04

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